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The Survivor Sling product details.


ONE YEAR WARRANTY on Workmanship and Parts.


The BADDEST Tactical Sling Available on the PLANET!  It is American Made by United States Veterans and Patriotic Supporters.


This sling fits multiple missions, as a single/Dual Point configuration.  Single or Double adjustment from 38 to 50 inches.  This simple EZ Adjuster moves like butter but wont slip from the position you choose.  This modification allows quick and efficient changes from Upper or Lower hookup points.   The webbing length is long enough for most users to simply adjust and trim off excess.  If longer webbing is needed, simply contact me and you can have for the shipping only.


HAND ASSEMBLED BY Active Duty/Veterans and First Responders and their families.


Inside this special braid of #550 Type III (Mil Spec Quality) 7-Strand cord are three strands of 3/8 inch bungee. This Bungee Core provides MUCHO forgiveness, especially when humping an M–240 or an M-249 SAW (See Combat Review 2015 via Afghanistan)


*Emergency Use of Paracord?  

   -  A.  Paracord can be removed for Emerg and Sling REMAINS IN TACT.

   -  B.  FREE REBUILD/REPLACEMENT for slings use in life saving emergency.

*  4 Total Connectors (2 QD Swivels and 2 Snap Clips)

*  EZ Adjuster (38-50 inches) offers simple an easy and effective means of adjustment, via a pull tab handle.  No more looking for a buckle.  Grab-N-Go!

*  Over 80 feet of #550 MilSpec Paracord.  Paracord braid strength approx 2200#.  Used ANY amount of the paracord from this sling for an emergency and the SLING REMAINS FUNCTIONAL!  The Bungee Core allows the sling to function AFTER the CORD IS REMOVED!

*  Approx 7 Feet of 3/8 inch bungee for absolute emergencies.

*  High Quality 17337 Mil-Spec Webbing offers the reliability of quality materials.

*  MOUNTING FRONT/REAR - Accepts receivers, and end plates, and stocks

that have a QD Swivel Sockets, or Snap Clip mounts up to 5mm

connector opening.



Currently available to Combat Soldiers in  Camp Buehring Kuwait, Camp Humphreys S. Korea, and Camp Eartle Vicenza Italy. as well as dozens of AAFES Stores in Continental USA.