Ballistic Ach Mich Helmet Level IIIA Helmet

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MICH ACH Helmet  Advanced Combat Ballistic Bulletproof Helmet – Level IIIA

The A6 MICH Ach Helmet (ACH) Advanced is an NIJ 06' certified Level IIIA kevlar helmet. Originally designed as an improved version of the PASGT style military helmet, the MICH ACH helmet has been engineered to improve the users' field of vision and to allow for a sharper hearing capability. This unique ballistic helmet possesses numerous built in features that combine to deliver high-quality ballistic protection. In addition, the unique design of this ballistic helmet, consisting of a reduced weight, removal of the front peak and a higher cut from side to back, allows for greater compatibility with gas masks, communications equipment and other vital devices

Ballistic Level IIIA next generation of protective combat Ach Mich Helmet

Its lightweight and resilient para-aramid (kevlar) construction provides comprehensive protection against ballistic projectiles and fragmention. It also serves as an exceptional form of protection against other low energy threats. Ballistic resistant bolts anchor an easily detachable, four point harness to the shell.

Ach Mich Helmet Features:

  • Scratch-resistant non-reflective flat paint
  • The interior of this ballistic helmet is lined with impact absorbing, 3/4" pads that provide additional protection against blunt force trauma
  • Its four point suspension system is fully adjustable for added comfort and stability
  • A quick release feature on the left side ensures fast placement and removal; an ideal convenience for any military helmet
  • The rear portion allows for easy, comfortable movement when wearing a collared, tactical vest in-conjunction with the helmet
  • This product meets and exceeds the NIJ level III A ballistic standard and is certified for NIJ 10106. It has been tested to meet the V50 standard for fragmentation resistance

Ach Mich Helmet Specification:

Ballistic Level : IIIA
Certified  NIJ 10106
Material : Multi layer Para Aramid / Kevlar 
Suspension 7 Pad System