Ian Asher, from Indiana. I love lifting weights and helping people be the healthiest they can be. I love shooting and anything Io do with guns. I have a beautiful wife, Savannah, and a perfect daughter, Maylynn.

Instagram: ian2a
Professional Title: Personal Trainer, Optics distributor

Hobbies: lifting, shooting, PS4, traveling with family.

 I am 24 with a lot of life as a 24 year old. I have my pastoral leadership degree, I lived in Haiti as a missionary. I love guns, I'm a competitive powerlifter, brand and business owner. A beautiful wife and a 6 month old little girl. 

Professional Title: Law Enforcement Officer
State (Region): Florida
Hobbies: anything outdoors, love spending time in the water but most of my spare time is spent at the Baseball field with my son. I am 34, single mom to an awesome 13 year old boy. I’ve been a Police Officer for 4 1/2 years. Very outgoing and enjoy working out.

My name is Matthew Colwell, 30 years old. I live and work in St. Louis, Missouri. I have always been the guy to break the tension in the room. I barely have a serious bone in my body. I am the guy who will make himself look like a fool to get someone to smile. I am a veteran, Army. Spent time over seas which gave me a new respect and love for the great USA. Got hurt badly, a few times actually. Everyday is a gift and no matter what the day brings, I thank God for the blessings he gives. I have a degree in criminal justice. One bit of advise i would like to give, you can be blooded and broken but only you choose when to give up the fight. Profession: Police Officer Hobbies: Is sarcasm a hobby, if not I seriously think it should be considered? God, scuba diving, tactical exercises, martial arts, hunting, fishing, fitness, family, and I get my nerd on playing DnD.

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