South East Tactical Group

For training inquiries please visit South East Tactical Group. It is the goal at Southeast Tactical Group to provide a professional, tactical, educating learning environment for it's clientele. STG creates a safe training environment for students of all skill sets. STG mantra is Train Hard, Live Long!





Defensive Solutions of Texas

Founded in 2007 by Retired Military and LEOs, DST was looking to bring our over 75 years of combined Military, Law Enforcement and Real-World experience to the civilian world.

Our instructors include personnel from the United States Marines, U.S., Army, Navy, DEA, U.S. Secret Service, City and State level Law Enforcement, and John Q. Public. 

DST Training Academy is based on the belief that we have the right to defend ourselves and our families. Our students' needs, rights and safety are of the utmost importance. Our instructors are committed to your success. As a result, our students will develop the needed skill sets both mental and technical, to survive in an evermore dangerous world. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and give you the best training in the industry without elitist egos or intimidation.