VA Silent Arsenal was founded in July of 2018. Our President(Combat Veteran) and COO are very close friends and after being irritated with the firearms industry, they decided to bring their own ideas to life. Transparency and educating our clients is a top priority.


Having the right engineering techniques is what makes our products special. We also build what people said we couldn't. We engineer things that a lot of companies gave up on. Going into this, we knew we wouldn't be a Remington or a Browning. We wanted to have a personal aspect to our products and the relationships we are able to build. 


We have a small shop in rural Northern VA and hope to move that to a larger shop with our own shooting range. We employ highly skilled individuals who share our vision and want to excel. We always think of how we can make something happen rather than not think and say no. Challenge is a motto for us.


Hard range days with very little going right can be tough. Although we like to say we learned a lot of what not to do. We will work hard to show the enthusiast, hunter, soldier, police officer that our company is different. You don't get run around and the "I don't know." We will provide our best and as always, we lifetime warranty our products. We look forward to you becoming a client.



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