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For beginner to advanced handgun and rifle

Quick Disconnect, 20 Hour Battery Life

Connect MantisX3 to the accessory rail of any firearm, just like you would any other firearm attachment. Works with live fire, dry fire, airsoft, and CO2. 

Install the smartphone application, turn on MantisX3, and pair the device with a phone via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE or Bluetooth 4.0).

Evaluate shooting performance, identify areas of improvement, and track progress over time.


Track the movement of your handgun's barrel during the trigger pull. Shots are grouped according to movement pattern similarity.


Track score of each shot individually. Analyze trends.


Blue: hold/sighting.  Yellow: trigger pull.  Red: Shot breaking and recoil pattern.

Mantis X3 Supports Handgun and Rifle analysis. Mantis X App features training modes, drills, courses, coaching tips, historical tracking, groups and messaging. 

Mantis X3 Analysis features muzzle trace, trigger control analysis, shot timer.

Free Software Updates and Phone and Email Support.